Patient signatures on dental forms Sept 2021 update

From 1 September 2021, the temporary suspension of patient signatures was withdrawn and the need for patient signatures on dental forms resumed.

This means when a patient makes a declaration that they are entitled to free or reduced cost NHS treatment, you must ask them, or their representative, to:

complete and sign a declaration form (FP17PR) before treatment begins
complete the ‘Claim for free or reduced cost NHS dental services’ section of the form, if they are entitled
produce evidence of their eligibility.
In addition, you should note on their practice records if the patient shows a valid exemption certificate, along with the expiry date of the certificate.

It’s important you ask patients to check the form (FP17PR), before they sign the declaration, as they are responsible for making sure the information is correct and that their exemption is valid on the date that the course of treatment started to avoid a potential penalty charge.