Dental Bulletin - July 2019 - Issue EI 2

Included in this bulletin:

  1. NHS England & NHS Improvement update
  2. New NHSmail password policy
  3. Year-End and Mid-Year Process Changes
  4. Compass cut off dates 2019
  5. NHS Website 90-day reminder
  6. HEE Advancing Dental Care Survey
  7. Increasing the awareness of the NHS Low Income Scheme
  8. Water fluoridation toolkit
  9. Baby friendly dental practices and the benefits of breast feeding and OH
  10. British Sign Language Interpretation
  11. British Sign Language Interpretation
  12. Goodbye and hello – team changes
  13. About the bulletin

As of 1 April 2019 NHS England – Midlands and East (Central Midlands) was superseded by NHS England and NHS Improvement. Dale Bywater commenced in post as Regional Director for the Midlands and Trish Thompson the Director of Primary Care and Public Health.

Ann Radmore as the Regional Director for the East of England and Rachel Webb the Director of Primary Care and Public Health. The wider regional senior team has also been announced. They have now started work on the next stages of the reorganisation as a top priority for the new operating model:

  • East of England: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes
  • Midlands: Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Leicester, Leicestershire County and Rutland

During this reorganisation permanent recruitment has been restricted, which means resources within the team is very limited. A consultation for NHS staff was to begin on 3 July and last for 45 days but will now launch on Tuesday 16 July 2019. The consultation will end on Thursday 29 August. The end date for the whole phase 3 consultation process when staff will know the outcome for them personally will be complete by the end of November 2019.

We therefore please ask that you be supportive and mindful of our limited resources and time of unsettlement and request you keep calls to a minimum unless urgent/important, necessary and relative to the management of your business. Please do not email team members direct as you may not receive a response. All general queries must be emailed to:

In order to assist you in resolving many general queries we have provided some useful contacts and references below:

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

The NHSmail team are frequently making security improvements to the NHSmail service and in May 2019 they introduced a new password policy in line with National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines.

To help keep the NHSmail service safe, within 45 days of the new policy coming into effect you will have been asked to change your NHSmail password regardless of when it was last changed.

Within that 45-day period, reminders to change your password via email would have been sent 18, 10, 5, 2 and 1 day(s) before it was due to expire. If you did not change your password in response to these reminders, your password will have now expired, and you will be required to change it via

Once completed your new password will be valid for 365 days instead of the current 90-day expiry and must meet the following criteria:

‘top tips’ are available on the National Cyber Security Centre’s website on creating a strong and memorable password. To ensure the best experience of your NHSmail account, and to keep your account active, here are some reminders to help you:

  • Add your mobile number and security questions to your profile – this will allow you to reset your own password and unlock your account.
  • Change your password on all devices – to prevent your account from becoming locked, you will need to update your password on all the devices (including personal devices) that you use to access NHSmail, for example mobile phone, Outlook desktop, tablet etc.

If you do require assistance, please find guidance below:

  • Change your password
  • Reset your password
  • Unlock your account

From the 2019/20 financial year, NHS Dental Services (BSA) are supporting the administration of the Mid-Year (MY) process for the following areas:

Q58 Hertfordshire and The South Midlands

Q59 Leicestershire and Lincolnshire Cumbria & North East

NHS Dental Services (BSA) will then take on Year-End (YE) as well as Mid-Year from 2020/21 onwards. This covers MY/YE under-performance, over-performance, performance management and any financial clawback. The local offices will maintain overall management of decisions taken by working with the Dental Services Team through the processes.

There is a Single Operating Model (SOM) that NHS Dental Services will be following, and this has been presented and agreed by the BDA and LDC nationally. Your local LDCs will also have had sight of the document.

The main changes that this will have on your year-end 2018/19 will be:

  • Clawbacks will be run over 3 months only. This is stipulated in the SOM and is the default position that we will need to adopt at year-end in order for the Dental Services to take over mid-year this autumn.
  • All carry forward activity must be uploaded onto Compass by 20 September 2019
  • We will need all year-end responses to be sent within the timeframe that will be stated in your year-end reconciliation letter from NHS England. Any appeals or responses relative to the year- end after that date will not be considered.

The changes in these processes have been piloted since the year-end of 2015/16 and we will be joining as part of Wave 2 practices. There will be an FAQ section published on the BSA website in due course.

We will keep you updated with further developments as we near Mid-Year.

Month Processing date Pay statements available Pay date
June 2019 Wednesday 12 June Friday 28 June Monday 1 July
July 2019 Monday 22 July Tuesday 30 July Thursday 1 July
August 2019 Tuesday 20 August Friday 30 August Monday 2 September
September 2019 Thursday 19 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October
October 2019 Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 30 October Friday 1 November
November 2019 Wednesday 20 November Friday 29 November Monday 2 December
December 2019 Monday 16 December Friday 27 December Thursday 2 January
January 2020 Wednesday 22 January Friday 31 January Monday 3 February
February 2020 Wednesday 19 February Friday 28 February Monday 2 March
March 2020 Friday 20 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April

Reminder mandating of electronic FP17 transmissions:

With effect from the 1st May 2019 FP17 submissions for new courses of treatment have to be completed electronically. All versions of paper FP17 forms for courses of treatment commenced prior to the 1st May and cut-off date was 30th June 2019. After this date no paper FP17’s will be accepted, regardless of the date the course of treatment was commenced.

Please review your data at least every 90 days, even if details have not changed, otherwise data will be removed. It is important that you keep your data up to date to ensure that patients can clearly see which practices are accepting patients.

NHS Website Provider Log in -

If you are experiencing issues updating your data, please send an email to [email protected] with the information below to allow you to update your NHS Website page:

Email address: (this will be used as your username on the website).
Job title:
Or contact the NHS Website Service Desk on 0845 402 3089, calls cost 3p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Please note, you cannot advertise private dental services on this NHS webpage but you can add a link to your personal practice website. Thank you

Please see the link below to the following survey issued by Professor John Darby on behalf of Health Education England regarding Advancing Dental Care for the attention of GDC registrants.

As part of the Advancing Dental Care Review, Health Education England (HEE) is conducting research to understand the attitudes of Dental Professionals towards leadership training and development. The online survey has been developed to enable Dental Professionals (Dentists and DCPs) to share their views and experiences, which will help HEE better understand training needs and to develop and improve leadership development offers that are relevant and effective.

The survey, which is being conducted by Breaking Blue on behalf of HEE, should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and your response would be much appreciated. The link to the survey is open until 5pm on Friday 5 July 2019. Click here to take part in the survey or alternatively you can access through the following link:

For further information about the Advancing Dental Care Review, please visit our website

Research undertaken by Leicester City Council found that one of the most common reasons given for not visiting the dentist was that they were not being able to afford NHS dental charges. PHE East Midlands are working with Leicestershire Local Dental Committee in trying to help address this issue by promoting and increasing the awareness of the NHS Low Income Scheme. Please see link below showing Dr Hanif Moti (Chair of the Leicestershire Local Dental Committee) talking about it:

This issue of affordability is obviously not unique to Leicester and will affect many people who are on a low income. We would therefore greatly appreciate it if you could help to re-tweet the video to promote it further. In just under 2 weeks there has been 1,021 viewings. Thanking you in anticipation for your help with this.

Tooth decay is still a significant problem for children and adults in England, but it can be largely prevented by cutting down on sugar and increasing access to fluoride. To help dental teams talk with their patients about water fluoridation, PHE has worked with dentists to develop a new package of resources, which provide information about the effectiveness and safety of water fluoridation. These resources include A4 posters, to be displayed in dental practice waiting rooms; pull-up banners for use at events such as local authority consultations; and Z-cards to be kept and used by dentists to stimulate discussion with patients.

For information please also see the following link to the water fluoridation toolkit:

As you know, PHE has undertaken a statement highlighting the importance of breastfeeding in protecting infant dental health. The key messages include:

  • Dental teams should continue to support and encourage mothers to breastfeed
  • Not being breastfed is associated with an increased risk of infectious morbidity (for example gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, middle-ear infections)
  • Breastfeeding up to 12 months of age is associated with a decreased risk of tooth decay
  • Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for around the first 6 months of life − complementary foods should be introduced from around 6 months of age alongside continued breastfeeding
  • The prevalence of breastfeeding in UK is low, with 34% of mothers still breastfeeding their child at 6 months and only 1% exclusively breastfeeding.

Further information can be found here:

The videos were only released on Friday 21 June and have already gained 535 viewings. The links are below and we would appreciate your support in cascading and re-tweeting:

NHS England and NHS Improvement have a supplier agreement in place with Language Line Solutions until October 2020 to access video interpretation to support deaf patients who require BSL Interpretation; the video interpretation is available via an App. The practice can download the App (LanguageLine Insight) to an appropriate device i.e. iPad, Phone, Tablet etc. which can be used in the surgery – the only requirement is access to WIFI.

During set up you will be asked for your unique Authorisation Code. Once you are set up follow the instructions on the attached leaflet – one is for Apple iPad the other is for Android – and select the appropriate language i.e. British Sign Language. The video interpretation is an on-demand service so once the practice is set up you do not need to seek further authorisation from the local office or Language Line; you just access through the App when needed. BSL interpretation is available Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm. A technical support telephone number is included on the leaflet should you experience any issues with set up.

The process for accessing the telephone Language interpretation through Language Line Solutions remains the same.

The deadline for completing the ARR process is fast approaching. All providers and performers are required by law to confirm their net earnings for the 2018/19 financial year in Compass by 30 June 2019. However, owing to essential maintenance Compass will not be available between 09:00 on Saturday 29 June and 18:00 on Sunday 30 June, the ARR deadline has therefore been extended to midnight on Wednesday 3 July.

Di Pegg, Head of Primary Care decided that the time was right for her to leave NHS England and NHS Improvement, her last day was Tuesday 11 June 2019. She parted by saying the memories that she has being part of the NHS for the past 30+ years is a gift that has already been given to her by all the many wonderful people she has worked with.

You are braver than you think,
More talented than you know,
and capable of more than you imagine.

Joe Lunn, currently the Head of Primary Care for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire will provide interim cover for the time being.

We would like to congratulate Charlotte Klass on attaining the permanent post as Consultant in Dental Public Health, Public Health England East of England. We very much appreciate all the hard work Charlotte has dedicated to the team so far and look forward to working with her longer term.

At a national level David Geddes, Head of Primary Care Commissioning will soon be leaving his current post and Matt Milligan will be the new Director of Transformation of Primary Care Commissioning moving forward. Matt will also pick up NHS digital as part of his remit.

To minimise the number of emails sent to practices, NHS England and NHS Improvement is using this regular Dental Bulletin as its main method of communication with dental practices.

If there are any queries, please use the following emails as your first point of contact:

[email protected] – Herts, Beds, Luton, Northants & MK

[email protected] – Leics, Lincs>

The Dental Bulletins contain important information, which on occasion might include requests for information and deadlines, as well as updates on issues relating to dental contracts.

Please share the Dental Bulletins with ALL the staff within your practice.

Dental Team Contact Details

Interim Head of Primary Care
Joe Lunn [email protected] 0113 8255449
Deputy Head of Primary Care
Caroline Goulding [email protected] 0113 825 1153
Central and East of England
Carolyn Hook [email protected]  
Amy Curtis [email protected] 0113 824 8889
Kate Shannon [email protected] 0113 824 8856
Donna McEachran [email protected] 0113 824 7506
Tracey Reardon [email protected] 0113 824 9287
Carole Pitcher [email protected] 0113 824 8182
Tom Bailey [email protected] 0113 824 7288
Jane Green [email protected] 0113 824 9597
Amanda Borland [email protected] 0113 824 8918
Sally-Anne Taylor [email protected] 0113 824 8921
Charmaine Docherty [email protected] 0113 824 9558
Razia Noormahomed [email protected] 0113 824 9522
Resham Dhillon [email protected] 0113 824 9521
Stephanie Davids [email protected] 0113 824 9593
Nina Mills [email protected] 0113 8247567
Michele Mewies [email protected] 0113 824 8920
Pari Tarsoo [email protected] 0113 824 8838
Dental Adviser
Steven Claydon [email protected]  
Smita Rajani [email protected]  
Pam Kaur [email protected]  
Local Dental Network Chair
Jason Wong [email protected]  
Public Health England
Charlotte Klass (South) [email protected]  
Jasmine Murphy (North) [email protected]  
John Mair – Jenkins (North) [email protected]