Webinar on Eliminating Dental Deserts

Eliminating Dental Deserts: Ensuring Access to an NHS Dentist Throughout the UK
Tuesday, October 24th 2023 between 9:30am and 1:00pm.

  • • Discuss the policies and funding needed to eliminate dental desserts and ensure that all who need it can access an NHS dentist
    • Establish what provisions dental practices would need to see included in the next NHS dental contract to enable them to give access to a greater number of patients
    • Develop an effective preventative dental strategy at the national and local levels
    • Learn about the future of dental contract reform and its implications for patient services
    • Establish models for successful commissioning, focussing on availability and value
    • Discuss how to improve the recruitment and retention of dental staff
    • Compare the different models of dental support in England, Wales and Scotland
    • Discuss approaches for addressing the varying levels of NHS dental access between less and more affluent groups
    • Outline steps to ensure vulnerable groups have equal access to NHS dentists