The key contractual updates for 2022

For full details please see :- Your NHS dentistry and oral health update 22 Dec 2021 (Issue 37) under Bulletins in the NHS England section found on the top banner.

Practices should plan on the basis that NHS income protection will come to an end in April 2022 and we will revert to usual contract management arrangements.

Between January and March 2022 clawback will not be applied to practices delivering at least 85% of contracted UDAs, reflecting the level many practices have already been delivering before the IPC changes and giving practices some contractual flexibility as they adjust to new IPC guidance. There will be no lower threshold in Q4, so that for delivery below 85% normal clawback will apply.

For orthodontic contracts clawback will not be applied to practices delivering at least 90% of contracted Units of Orthodontic Activity (UOAs). The rate of clawback will then reduce linearly down to a lower threshold of 85% of UOAs, with delivery of those lower thresholds earning practices 90% of contractual income for Q4. Below this lower threshold normal clawback will apply.

The variable cost reduction, reduced in Q3 to benefit practices, will be retained at the lower level of 12.75%, applied to non-delivered activity.