VOLUNTEER TO HELP NHS If you would like to volunteer to help the NHS during COVID-19 please complete this document of intent, found HERE:

CDO Latest Letter from Chief Dental Officer CDO releases letter Ref:001559 (25th March 2020) regarding Treatment of urgent cases and UDA targets; follow this link:-

BDA LATEST ADVICE Advised dental practices to limit treatment to urgent only. see letter 22-03-2020 here:-

CORONAVIRUS GUIDANCE Please follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the document to find details for healthcare professionals last updated 17th March 2020;

LATEST CDO REPORT dated 20th March 2020 see HERE :-

To summarise the latest guidance from the other countries of the UK is:
-To clearly display the communication posters on COVID-19.
-Practices should set up mechanisms to establish whether any potential patient or anyone in their household has symptoms, prior to any visit, by phone or text.
-Dental care services should not be delivered to those with potential COVID-19 symptoms or those in their households.
-Use robust infection control procedures, wiping down surfaces between patients with extra vigilance to include door handles etc. and use standard PPE.
-Reduce the number of routine check-ups by cancelling patients from vulnerable groups (and offering cancellation to anyone else who wishes to do so) to reduce the need to travel.
-Consider the potential risk of asymptomatic cases attending in this delay phase and reduce exposure of staff and patients to infection by avoiding all aerosol-generating procedures wherever possible.
-Agree on local arrangements to consolidate, where necessary, the provision of any essential, routine NHS work that cannot be delayed and urgent dental problems.
We stress that this will STILL only be guidance and up to you to risk assess your own practice and take the appropriate measures that work for patients and individuals in your practice.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATES Please follow this Link:-

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information on GOV.UK

  • Third update 11th March see here:-
  • Guidance regarding patient cancellations
  • At present there is no facility to claim not reaching your UDA target based on patient cancellations due to Covid-19 virus. It is highly recommended that you keep DETAILED information related to patient cancellations over the next 3 weeks. This may be required in future to prove that you did have an unprecedented fall off in attendance directly related to the corona virus.It would also be valuable to show that you were on track to meet your target prior to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Covid-19 & Force Majeure advice
  • Force Majeure can be applied retrospectively to Dental Contracts after year-end and annual reconciliation. You will then know if you are short of your contract target and by how much.
  • Herts LDC advice for the year 2019-2020:
  • Keep records of patients’ names, dates and type of anticipated treatment (NHS & Private) of patients that cancel their appointments (for whatever reason) from Mid January onwards as evidence that Covid-19 caused a loss of UDAs over and above what would normally be expected to be achieved. The better your evidence then the more likely you are to get a sympathetic response (if at all) from NHS England.
  • If you were way off target in Mid Jan with no hope of making up the shortfall then “force Majeure” would not be appropriate.
  • If, on the other hand, you fall just below the 96% threshold – let’s say arbitrarily 85-96% range then with Robust Evidence of mass cancellations by patients and subsequent loss of expected UDAs then getting force Majeure applied may be considerably easier.
  • Our advice for 2020-2021
  • Continue to keep recording cancellations, poor response to recalls and any other evidence of a decline in patient attendance. You may have to do this for the full year.