"Today (28th May 2020), we are asking that all dental practices commence opening from Monday 8 June
for all face to face care, where practices assess that they have the necessary IPC and PPE requirements in place."

To read the full letter please follow this link.

  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with instructions from the Chief Dental Officer,
    only patients with severe symptoms of infection, bleeding or trauma will be seen for emergency dental
    treatment at the present time. If you are experiencing severe pain you MAY still be asked to take
    medication for 48hrs, and to phone back if symptoms persist.DEPENDANT on each individual practice protocol.

    Gradually patients will be seen by their own dentists for less urgent cases within their dental practices, however this will be dependent on each
    practices protocol.

    If you would like to receive regular updates please contact the LDC secretary at [email protected] to be placed on the regular mailing list